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Discover the Legacy Behind Our Veterinary Clinic

Ark Vet has a remarkable heritage, spanning several decades as a third-generation veterinary practice. Established in 1920 by the current owner’s grandfather, our clinic has remained dedicated to delivering exceptional care for animals in our community throughout its rich history.


Comprehensive Services

At Ark Vet, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to the needs of both small and large animals. Our small animal consultations encompass a wide array of medical and surgical treatments, ensuring that pets receive the individualized care they require.


Exceptional Expertise

At Ark Vet, we take pride in our dedicated and skilled team of professionals who are genuinely passionate about their work. Our clinic boasts a young team with over 35 years of expertise in mixed practice, ensuring that our staff possesses the necessary experience to handle a diverse range of cases. 


Qualifications of Our Team

Our team includes two registered veterinary nurses who provide attentive care and support, alongside three highly qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons. Moreover, our specialization in feline nursing showcases our deep understanding of the unique needs and behaviors of cats.

Our cat accidentally fell into a bucket of motor oil and Ark Vet clinic was extremely helpful and quick to see us. The staff was very friendly and professional. Put us at easy immediately… Many thanks for your help! Happy to say our Kitty is doing good.

Joana Ausriene