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Services for companion and farm animals

HIGH QUALITY Services and Unique Offerings

Our commitment to providing high-quality care is evident through the extensive range of services we offer at Ark Veterinary Clinic. Our clinic provides medical and surgical consultations to address a broad spectrum of health issues that pets may encounter. Our services also encompass vaccinations to protect pets from common diseases, microchipping for identification purposes, dental care to maintain optimal oral health, blood testing for diagnosing various conditions. Furthermore, we proudly stock premium pet food from leading manufacturers, ensuring that pets receive optimal nutrition.

In-House Diagnostics

At Ark Veterinary Clinic, we strive to provide the best quality care for the animals under our supervision. We have a range of high quality in-house diagnostic equipment including Digital X-Ray, Ultrasonography, Microscopy, Haematology and Biochemistry blood testing machines. Our LifeVet 10C patient monitor provides us with display of respiratory rate, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure (NIBP), ECG, temperature and capnography (EtCO₂) whilst your pet undergoes anaesthesia. This is the highest level of patient monitoring available to us.

Specialized Care and Expertise

While we do not specialize in exotic pets, at Ark Veterinary Clinic we strive to be cat-friendly, with our companion animal vet having extensive experience in treating cats of various breeds. Our staff are well-versed in handling the specific needs and temperaments of cats, ensuring that they receive the utmost care and attention. 

Preventative Care for Long-Term Wellness

At Ark Veterinary Clinic, we strongly believe in the importance of preventative care for pets. Routine check-ups play a vital role in identifying any underlying health issues and ensuring pets are in optimal health. Our routine services include canine, feline and rabbit vaccines, pet microchipping,  pet passports, registered veterinary nurse led consultations, routine and specialised soft tissue surgeries and professional periodontal therapy (dentals).

Prompt and Reliable Emergency Care

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time. To ensure our clients receive prompt and reliable care during urgent situations, we provide a 24-hour emergency service exclusively for our clients. 


Creating a Comfortable and Caring Environment

Creating a comfortable and caring environment is a top priority at Ark Veterinary Clinic. To ensure a stress-free experience for both animals and their owners, we have implemented several amenities and facilities. Our clinic features a dedicated cat waiting area, providing a calm and peaceful space for feline patients and their owners. With two consultation rooms, we can offer personalized attention and efficient service. Additionally, we have a purpose-built kennel room where animals can stay comfortably during their visit. We understand the importance of accessibility, which is why our facilities are wheelchair accessible. Furthermore, we offer dedicated private parking to make visits to our clinic convenient and hassle-free.